Kibion, in Uppsala, Sweden, and the subsidiary Kibion GmbH in Bremen, Germany, are dedicated to supporting all customers. We will all do our best to answer your queries.

If you have a medical question or have experienced a side effect which you suspect is connected with a Kibion product, please contact complaints.kibion[at]

If you have an urgent safety question, you should always contact your local physician.

If you are searching for a representative in a specific country, please go to Our Global Network.

For general questions about all our products please send a mail to info.kibion[at]

For questions about Kibion in Germany and Kibion® Dynamic instruments, please send a mail to the Bremen office info-bremen.kibion[at] or call +49 421 27 86 50.

For specific questions about our products please use the support tab above or send a mail to support.kibion[at]

For questions related to orders, please send a mail to order.kibion[at]

For complaints and recalls, please contact the Quality responsible person, Sheida Sundblad, +46 70 452 45 56, complaints.kibion[at]

You are also welcome to contact the Uppsala team and the Bremen team directly, please see organization and contact details for each team.